Zamberlan ‘Discover the Difference’

The boot box with a Zamberlan Logo

When you order a product you expect it to arrive crisp and new… with Zamberlan there is no exception to this rule. The boot box looks like most other boot boxes, carrying the company’s logo and address details… but this box comes with a colourful image on the box deplicting a moss covered rock face. It is printed in ecological colours and the box is also made of recycled materials. Constructed with environmental friendly adhesives… it’s 100% recyclable.

Opening the box for the first time brings back memories of Christmas past when as a child you craved for that excitement of opening a gift for the first time… as an adult you never grow tired of this feeling. From the minute you open the box you’re hit with the smell of quality. The fresh aroma of treated leather and the biting smell of the moulded rubber Vibram soles inside, it hits you like a brick wall and stops you dead in your tracks while you savour the moment.

The protective dust cover that is wrapped around the boots inside the box

Inside you find a carefully covered product and after lifting the dust protective cover you find the first of a pair of boots. The cover has been wrapped around the boots in a way so that when you peel it back Zamberlan’s logo shows in either orientation… It’s evident that the boots have been packed with care. The first thing you notice are the colours, clean lines and cut edges on the boots. The intricate parallel stitching of the leather upper leads you around the outer edges of the boots like the yellow brick road.

The parallel stitching is so precisely stitched.. seeing is believing

The boots have great style and colour range, the sole is glued to perfection leaving no smear marks. They are presented so well you’re almost scared to touch and lift them out of the box.

The clean cut and glued lines of the leather upper, Vibram sole and rubber rand.

On removal of the first boot you are welcomed with a small bundle of booklets carefully fixed through a lace fixing on the side. It contains boot care instructions, details about the Vibram soles, information on the Hydro Bloc protective finish, a Gore-Tex label and a tag proudly discribing that the product has been hand crafted in Italy by their expert artisans ensuring high quality and value. You even get a little cut leather logo… they are not trying to hide anything here, they are proud to shout about the product’s attributes.


The boot box they come in is completely recyclable and is intended to be used for boot storage after delivery. Protecting them from dust, direct sunlight and helping them ventilate, it is the perfect storage solution to help preserve their shape. Even the boot box oozes Zamberlan quality and deals with impacts to the environment without compromise…

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle… Zamberlan’s ethics.

You’ve not even worn the boots but by the time you’ve taken delivery and opened the box you begin to realise that with Zamberlan’s Packaging you’ve already…

‘Discovered The Difference’

Now the best bit… to get on the Jurassic Coast to see what they can do!


Coming soon…

Zamberlan 900 ROLLE GTX

‘Tested on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site’


Martin Curtis, Jurassic Coast Ambassador and Guide

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