Zamberlan 900 ROLLE GTX

It starts when you open the box…

The strong smell of ‘new’ hits you straight in the face and you feel something good is inside.

I peeled back the protective sheet and was welcomed with a stylish new boot from Zamberlan.

The 900 ROLLE GTX…

Accent colours, clean cut lines and a sleek style that will make you feel proud to wear them anywhere…

900 ROLLE GTX In their box and ready for action.

I’ve used Zamberlan products for a number of years now and I’m never disappointed when I open the box on arrival. I buy Zamberlan because of the quality, fit and style. With the core range still made in Italy, you get what you pay for. This is a company built on standards, the quality has always been there.

The first job in testing a new boot is to break them in. With all my boots I first choose to wear them out and about in my everyday life. This gives me time to break the leather upper in before I venture outdoors onto the Jurassic Coast. When out on the coast I like to make the most of my time and I don’t want to have problems with my feet or boots. This is one of the reasons I always go for Zamberlan… I’ve never had any troubles with breaking in my previous models as they are made so well, they work with my feet and seem to give up that new toughness quickly.

The 900 Rolle GTX are no exception to this and after only an hour had become very comfy around my feet and ankles. The Leather was beginning to soften up nicely and I didn’t even get any strange looks while wearing them at my local coffee shop! I like the Vibram sole on this model, it has a great aggressive design. The green and grey colours of the PU wedge work well together and match in line with the grey leather uppers. With a splash of an accent colour, it gives the sole a modern and sleek look.

The Vibram sole and PU wedge have balanced colours, clean cut straight lines and amazing detailing.
The protective rubber rand on the front of the 900 Rolle GTX, clean cut and glued to perfection… quality at its best.

The protective rubber rand has been glued on extremely well and there’s not a glue mark anywhere except around its edge where it’s sealed to the leather upper. Too often I see other makes of boots with poorly glued edges. There’s nothing worse than looking at a brand new pair of boots with glue smears all over them… to me that oozes poor manufacturing. The Vibram Curcuma sole is also glued to perfection… leaving you satisfied that they will do their job throughout their outdoor life.

The Hydrobloc Perwanger leather upper has been cut so perfectly, it has stunning shapely curves… the parallel stitching that secures it meanders around its edge like an Amazonian river with a design that seems soothing to my eyes.

Leather upper, cut and sewn with precise detail. Treated with Hydrobloc to deliver the best water protection.

Looking inside the boot you find Zamberlan’s anatomically shaped foot bed and the GORE-TEX  Performance Comfort liner is stitched and fitted extremely well. When I get new boots I always put my hand inside the boot to see if there are any high spots or hard creases to be found. These would indefinitely cause an issue with rubbing further down the line but with this boot and as with previous Zamberlan models I have owned the lining continues its sleekness throughout. The micro porous membrane is extremely breathable and waterproof… it kept my feet dry.

Zamberlan’s foot bed and the Gore-Tex lining inside the 900 ROLLE GTX.

With ‘High Resistance’ treatment, I really like the soft galvanized look of the lace D rings and hooks. I also thought the lace colours fit nicely to the overall colour scheme of the boots.

The lace D rings and hooks.

The boots also come with the vibrant coloured logo of the Italian flag fixed to their side, this confirms construction in Italy and is your guarantee of a quality build. Also nestled close is the striking Gore-Tex badge… a pair of medals I’m always pleased to have on the side of my boots.

Zamberlan’s medals of distinction.

The grip on the Vibram Curcuma sole is excellent. When applying pressure through the boot you can feel the texture of your terrain… and adjust your moves accordingly. The PU wedge absorbs any shock and the boots grip with full response… moving forward is effortless.

The Vibram Curcuma outsole. With deep lugs, it is moulded for ultimate grip.
Fantastic grip on boulders.

I tested the boots on a 10 mile walk along the Jurassic Coast, they were comfy, gave good grip and breathed nicely. The support from the Zamberlan Flex System worked to its full potential allowing my foot good flexibility on the coastal path and my ankle felt fully supported throughout. The boots have a lowered back to improve fit and heel locking, during the test this kept my heel nice and secure. Zamberlan’s 900 Rolle GTX boots are a boot I would happily recommend to anyone on those backpacking trails and for use here on the Jurassic Coast.

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With this boot and other new products about to be added to the family, Zamberlan ‘in my view’ will continue to stand out from competitors in the future. With their new range of boots coming to the market, I welcome you to Zamberlan’s…




Martin Curtis, Jurassic Coast Ambassador, Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion 2017 and guide.

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