Zamberlan… The 2017 Collection

Zamberlan design products for ALL outdoor enthusiasts… if you’re into walking long distance on the coastal path, hiking mega trails, climbing high mountains, or conquering that shear rock face…  then they have something for you at Zamberlan

If you want the latest technology, good quality, reliable performance, ultimate comfort and design then look no further……..Zamberlan consider all of these to be a priority. They use the best materials on the market and take the upmost care in their manufacturing. They continually make large investments on research, developing new moulds, materials and speciality soles.

With this ethos of business, they are second to none…

Zamberlan’s 2017 collection consists of 8 ranges of products, these are sub-divided into models and colours.


ALPINE… Boots in this category are specifically for high level mountaineering and are designed for use on high level routes, glaciers, ice climbing and when dry tooling. They are lasted to provide a precise fit with maximum sensitivity. They feature single piece uppers, premium HYDROBLOC® leathers, tough hardware, stiff midsoles and the reliable VIBRAM® outersoles. These boots can also be used with a variety of crampons… the exact choice of crampon will depend on their intended use.



ALPINE APPROACH… The mountain approach shoes are hybrid footwear that have features common with hiking boots and climbing shoes. They are designed to be comfortable when walking long distances like hiking boots. Sturdy and durable, they have multi uses.



CLIMBING… These climbing shoes are engineered to perfection… combining materials with different features it ensures a precise fit. Providing the user with great comfort and sensitivity, it’s easy to pick out the small footholds effectively when climbing. They are designed to be comfortable when climbing long routes outdoors and to cope with prolonged training indoors.



icona-bootICONA… This product range is produced with traditional construction methods. Only skilled craftsman have the knowledge and skill required to make these resilient boots and shoes. They are strong, durable and reliable. Built with top quality materials they are a special addition to the Zamberlan range.




BACKPACKING… These boots are specifically designed to deliver comfort and support during long treks, while carrying heavy loads. They are very resilient, sturdy and stable… they can cope with all terrains and weather conditions. Built with high performance midsoles they are stiff enough to give the support required on rough terrain. Combined with high grip soles and cushioning systems, they offer great comfort and performance and are designed to last.




TRAIL HIKING… The trail hiking collection are extremely comfortable. The rugged low and mid-cut shoes are suitable for light trail hiking or everyday use. With specific lasts and lightweight soles they fit perfectly offering the user plenty of cushioning and support.




SPEED HIKING… Speed hiking shoes are lightweight, dynamic and ideally suited for walking in the mountains or in the city. They feature components for running, hiking and Nordic walking and can be enjoyed at any pace over any distance. They are sturdy, comfortable, lightweight and guarantee the user the performance level required when needed. All the shoes in this range are equipped with VIBRAM® outsoles. This ensures the best grip on different terrain.




KIDS… Created for kids, they are designed to satisfy their needs ensuring great comfort, functionality and protection. With the use of high quality materials, GORE-TEX® linings and specific lasts that provide stability and flexibility. They are perfect for long walks giving great comfort and durability.


Zamberlan have more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing top of the range mountain boots. They stand out as one of the world leaders and innovators of unique technical developments. These have been put in place during strict manufacturing processes over the years. Whilst continually updating their machinery, Zamberlan continue to produce contemporary looking boots. With exclusive and specific methods of construction, Zamberlan are internationally known and have earned long lasting trust from world leading companies such as VIBRAM® and GORE-TEX® .

One of the latest developments is the new carbon fibre ‘Insole’ for the Alpine Range. This gives great improvement to the performance of their technical mountaineering boots. The sole is 4 times stiffer with the carbon fibre reinforcement, giving greater reliability and durability. At the same time reducing the overall weight and increasing the thermal properties of the boot.

This picture shows the different layers of the carbon fibre Insole

Another development from Zamberlan is the ‘Norwegian’ and the ‘Goodyear’ welted technology that is used across the ‘ICONA’ range. This technology requires skilled people with knowledge and experience as it features two lines of specialist stitching. ‘Norwegian’ is used on the boots making them stronger, flexible and highly durable. They can also be easily re-soled. ‘Goodyear’ is used on the shoes making them softer, very flexible and extremely comfortable from the minute you wear them.

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With such a diverse range Zamberlan continually provide support to the outdoor enthusiast. Manufacturing boots and shoes that are designed to deliver the whole package…’in our opinion’ it makes sense to invest in a product you can rely on. Visit Zamberlan to find out more about their full range.

Martin Curtis, Jurassic Coast Ambassador, Ordnance Survey 2017 GetOutside Champion and guide.

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